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JQL function

Usage Example


Search for issues where ALL checklist items are Closed

“Smart Checklist" = allItemsClosed()


Search for issues where ALL checklist items are Open

“Smart Checklist" = allItemsOpen()


Search for checklists by Progress

“Smart Checklist" = progress(">","15")

Available operators: >, <, >=, <=, =

Use percent value from 0 to 100

itemStatus(item name, status)

Search for particular checklist items in a particular status

“Smart Checklist" = itemStatus(”PR review completed”, ”DONE")

Search for particular checklist items in a particular statuses

“Smart Checklist" = itemStatus(”PR review completed”, ”DONE, IN PROGRESS”)

Search for checklists that contain particular checklist item

“Smart Checklist" = itemStatus(”PR review completed”, ”*”)


Search for Assignee(s) mentioned in checklist item

  • example: “Smart Checklist” = itemAssignee(“john“,"john.smith","@john")

Allowed paramsparameters

  • [username] - as defined in Jira User’s profile, e.g. “john”

  • [display name] - Full name from User’s profike, e.g “john.smith”

  • [mention] - any string in cehcklist checklist item that has “@” as prefix, like: @john

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itemStatus(item name, status

  • currentUser() - currently logged user. You can use it to create a shared filter with a JQL function that users of your instance could benefit of.

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Search for fixed Date, indicated in checklist item

  • example “Smart Checklist” = itemDate(“2020-01-01“)

Allowed formats

  • yyyy-mm-dd


The “itemDate” function accepts dates entered in ISO format only


Search by Relative Date

  • example “Smart Checklist” <= itemDate(“0d")

    • read: item has date set (due date) for tomorrow

Allowed parameters: [n]d, [n]w, -[n]d, [-n]w

  • ItemDate(“0d”) - today

  • ItemDate(“1d”) - tomorrow

  • ItemDate(“-1d”) - yesterday

  • ItemDate(“1w”) - 1 week since now

  • ItemDate(“2w 4d”) - 2 weeks and 4 days since now

  • ItemDate(“-3w 2d”) - 3 weeks and 2 days ago

Search for date in between of time range:

"Smart Checklist" >= itemDate("0d") AND "Smart Checklist" < itemDate("2w")

read: shearch for the checklist item that has date set between today and 2 week ahead

For versions 4.16.0 and below