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In order to use this feature, you need to have System Administrator permissions

If you need to set a default template on issue creation - please refer to this documentation.


  1. Navigate to Workflow and press Edit

  2. In Diagram view click on the transition you want to change

  3. Click Post Functions

  4. Click Add post function

  5. Choose Modify Smart Checklist function and click Add

  6. You’ll see the post function configuration form

  7. When done - click Add and don’t forget to publish Workflow.

  8. Then you are set, enjoy automated checklist modification on a workflow transition! (tick)

Specify Actor-user on who's behalf execute checklist post function

Since v5.3.0 you can specify a user (an actor) on whose behalf post function might be executed.

Use Case

Assume that you have Service Management project and you allow your customers to change Jira Issue status, while they don’t have Issue Edit permissions.

In that case, you may specify the proper user to run the post function and update the checklist who has proper permissions. Otherwise, the checklist won’t be applied as Customers don’t have edit permissions.


Configuration options



Function Name

Optional parameter. Function name will help you identify your post function in the workflow post functions list.


  • Append

  • Replace

Choose if you want to append a checklist to the one that might already exist in a Jira ticket, or if you want to completely replace it with new checklist values.

Set the Checklist

Add your checklist items manually or choose from existing Templates.

Templates are related to Projects that share the same workflow. Checklist content will be stored as a plain text.

You can switch to Editor view, add details per checklist items, and make changes in bulk.

Check the Formatting Guide to benefit from Markdown.


Conditions are the rules that are required to perform post function action. You may add an appropriate condition that satisfies your process.

Issue Types

If returned issues equal to the issue type

JQL Query

Jira Query Language - that allows you to build a structured query and condition that might be applied to post function transition.

You can use this query to validate a wide range of Jira native fields and custom field values.



If your company has been already using 3rd party automation tools and addons like: Automation for Jira, Script Runner, JMWE tools - you might benefit from the integration that Smart Checklist offers. Read more on Automations & Integrations documentation.



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