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You can add/ change/ append values of Smart Checklist content using Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) add-on.

The same flow is available while using the native post-function of Smart Checklist. See the details here: Modify checklists on a Workflow Transition 

Smart Checklist can be tightly integrated and expanded with JMWE tools (read add-on documentation)


Append Smart Checklist items while transitioning Jira issue 

  1. Edit project Workflow

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  2. Add Post-Function to the transition you want. E.g. "In QAprogress"

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  3. Choose the post Function "Set issue, user or project Entity Property value (JMWE add-on)"

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  4. Set Property Name to update to:  

    Code Block
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  5. Using entity properties, to add a value to the checklist, you should use the "Groovy Expression" option of the "Set issue, user or project entity property" post-function with a script. If you want to keep/use current values of checklist - add to the beginning of editor converted values of "com.railsware.SmartChecklist.checklist" property itself and then add and "new items" using the Formatting Guide.

    Code Block
    JsonOutput.toJson(issue.getEntityProperty("com.railsware.SmartChecklist.checklist")+"\n- new item 1 \n- new item 2\n- new item 3")

    The reason why using "Groovy Expression" is a must and a "Groovy Template" won't work is because checklists' Entity property contains newlines, which need to be encoded in JSON (as "\n").

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  6. Save Post Function by clicking "Add"

  7. Check added post function and Publish Draft

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  8. Moving a Jira Issue from any state to "In QA" (in our case) will get a new piece of Smart Checklist added to the issue

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  9. Enjoy!

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