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You can use Jira REST API to work with the checklists.


Now the Smart Checklist dedicated REST API is available! For more complex use cases and integrations - follow the instructions Smart Checklist REST API v1.0


You can read/write checklists by using Jira REST API accessing a Checklistscustom field or com.railsware.SmartChecklist.checklist issue property


Read more about custom fields used by Smart Checklist addon and their setup here: Custom Fields


API reference

Get checklist value rom existing Jira issue

Use the Get Issue Jira REST API

Create Jira issue with the checklist applied

Use the Create Issue Jira REST API

Set the checklist for existing Jira issue

Use the Edit Issue Jira REST API


Since Smart Checklist version 5.0.0 we’ve deprecating com.railsware.SmartChecklist.checklist issue property as the main checklist storage.