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Clone JIRA tickets with a checklist

  1. Create JIRA ticket

  2. Populate with Checklist theChecklist that you want to re-use

  3. Save JIRA ticket. That will be your template

  4. Once you want to create a new item with the same checklists - simply clone the Template task

  5. Checklists will be copied to a new ticket

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Populate checklist via API


If you have ScriptRunner add-on installed on your JIRA instance  - set up it in the way, so when you change Issue Type - "Checklists" custom field's content automatically pre-populated to value you set up. E.g.: "definition of done", "acceptance criteria" and so on.

Copy from Email, Slack, Skype. Exchange and share checklists via all possible channels!


Copy/paste checklist from Email or Slack/Skype note or any other communication channel to your JIRA issue.

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