Smart Checklist allows users to format checklists with Markdown syntax. It makes the process of big checklists creation and managing extremely fast and native. 

Emphasize text with bold, italic, underlined, red labels. Add details per checklist item, have user mention or due date. These features increase readability for the end-user and make checklist completion more intuitive.

Here's what a sample checklist looks like:

You Type

You Get

# Release instructions
## Preparation
+ Add feature permissions
+ Send `internal` announcement with presentation
~ Prepare branch
> * merge feature to master
> * set tag
> * update [changelog](

## Deploy
- Deploy master to prod
- Deploy new login page
- Test and confirm successful deployment
- Send `external` announcement to customers

Due to technical reasons, we have enabled only a specific set of Markdown features.

The full list is available in the Formatting Guide.

For any questions or feature requests contact us: