ScriptRunner for Jira (Server)

You might find Smart Checklist integration with ScripRunner useful for updating checklists using automated scripts. 

Basic Case

However, if the issue has no checklist set yet - it's possible to initiate initial rendering by pushing value to the custom field.

  1. Setup "Checklists" custom field. Check instructions here "Checklists" Custom Field


Update/append checklist with post function during a workflow status change.

This could be achieved by updating Issue Property with the key com.railsware.SmartChecklist.checklist using REST API Endpoints

Set Checklist depending on Custom Field Value after Issue Creation

If you want the specific Checklist appended to your newly created ticket depending on the other Custom field value - you can easily do it by adding Script Runner Post Function to your Create Ticket workflow transition.

Check it out!

Assume that you have a custom field named "Environment" with 2 values: Production/Staging. So you expect that while adding a new issue - you'll have a proper checklist assigned


Implementation flow:

  1. Go To Workflow Editor
  2. Choose "Script Post Function" Script Runner
  3. Choose "Custom Script Post Function"

  4. Add inline Script

  5. Variables checklistProd and checklistStage used for keeping the proper value of the checklist (in text format)

  6. Save the script. IMPORTANT! Make the Post Function is placed as a #1 Step!

Customize checklist visibility by user group/ user role/ ticket type

ScriptRunner can be used for hiding separate UI elements on your Jira tickets depending on different conditions. This way, you can hide Smart Checklist visibility on your Jira instance for specific user groups/ roles/ ticket types.

Here is an example of the implementation flow: