Setup Guide

Setup your first checklist in couple clicks!



Install the Smart Checklist Plugin for Jira

You can install it right from the Atlassian Marketplace


  1. Go to Apps through Settings

  2. Find "Smart Checklist" and choose Free or Pro app

  3. Click on the app and hit the install button

  4. See the success notification? You are all set! 🥳

Add checklist to your Jira ticket

  1. Go to your Jira ticket

  2. Find Smart Checklist in your Jira ticket details and click on it

  3. Now you can create your first checklist!

You can find more formatting options in our Formatting Guide

Turn recurring checklist into templates

  1. Create a checklist you want to save as a template

  2. Go to and hit “Save as template“

  3. Template is created!

Now you can apply your template to other Jira issues by going: > Import from a template > Import

How to use Smart Checklist for Jira video

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Configure your Jira instance

Since version 3.9.5  no additional configuration is needed to start using the Smart Checklist add-on!

However, if you want to enable additional checklist features, such as tracking checklist changes, updating checklist by workflow state transition and others - you need to set up the "Checklists" custom field properly. Check the link below for detailed instructions:

Check This Comparison Chart to understand the difference between Basic Setup (using Issue Properties) and Extended setup (using custom field).