Bulk update checklists. Automation for Jira

You can update your checklists via Bulk Issues Update with the help of Automation for Jira tool.

This goes about Issues bulk update when you set a value for a field you'd like to populate to all the selected issues.

The filed you’ll be populating to update checklists is “Checklists“. Check the field setup instructions here.

Implementation instruction

Do it before running a bulk import

  1. Go to Automation for Jira → Automation Rules

  2. Click Create Rule

  3. Set When: Field value changed Change

    1. Choose Checklists → Save


  4. Add component New Action

    1. Choose Set entity property


    2. Choose Entity type: Issue

    3. Set Property Key

      1. 1 com.railsware.SmartChecklist.checklist
    4. Add the following to the Property value


        1 {{issue.Checklists}}
    5. Save

  5. Save the rule and Turn Automation On

  6. Proceed with the bulk update.

  7. Once the bulk update is completed, turn the rule off.

Make sure this rule is only enabled when you need it for the bulk update operation. Otherwise, it will constantly run the synchronization, and you don't need that as a normal checklist operation would suffer.

For any questions or feature requests contact us: smartchecklist@railsware.com