Release Notes v3.9.5


Replace custom field with Issue Properties as a default checklist content storage


We've made checklist setup process much more easier! Since now, Smart Checklist add-on becomes operational right after installation from Jira Marketplace.

No needs to setup custom field to use basic checklist functions as long all data by default start to be stored in Jira Issue Properties.

If you still need to have some advanced features of Smart Checklist add-on - "Checklists" custom field is required.

Read full features Compatibility Comparison in Custom Field vs Issue Properties chart.

How will it affect existing users

All created checklists are safe as we support both storage types. Users that previously saw "Setup Instructions" banner on the add-on sections, due to lack of permissions to write to custom field, now will get ability to use checklist.

Add-on uses different versioning through various editions. Use it for support reference:

Enterprise Server3.9.5
Enterprise Cloud2.4.26-AC
Trial Cloud2.1.36-AC

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