Assign ("@" mention) user

You can highlight a person responsible for the checklist item. That increases the visibility of certain items and focuses your team on following the process.

Add an assignee

  1. To mention user/add an assignee to the checklist item - start typing with “@” and follow with a user name.

  2. Choose the correct person with your left mouse button or with up/down arrows on your keyboard and confirm your selection by pressing Enter. The user Key would be displayed.

  3. Complete adding checklist item. The user name would be resolved and displayed properly.

  4. Enjoy!

Permissions required: Browse users and groups global permission. Anonymous calls and calls by users without the required permission return search results for an exact name match only.

Assignee types

We identify a few types of assignees:

  • Current user. Indicated with a blue label

  • Another Jira user. Indicated with a grey label

  • Custom assignee/mention. Indicated with outlined black label

Multiple assignees

It is possible to mention several users per checklist items, e.g.

Using a Full-Screen Editor

You will see a RAW format of user mentions and their KEYs in a Full-Screen editor.

You may easily copy and paste this checklist into other tickets or your automation processes.

Notify assigned/mentioned users

Check ii here

Search by assigned/mentioned users

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