Synchronize Data

Starting from version 2.5.33-AC Smart Checklist for Jira. Pro supports possibility to synchronize data stored in Smart Checklist custom fields, Issue Properties and the Smart Checklist database 🚀


🔐 Smart Checklist can store the data in:

Under normal circumstances, the data is consistent, but in some cases, like migration between app versions or Jira instances, the data might get corrupted or out of sync. The synchronization feature ensures that Smart Checklist data is up to date and consistent in all three storages.


  • Synchronization will be not started if the Checklists Custom Field does not exist on the instance. Check the setup here →

  • In order to run the synchronization you must ensure that there is no more than on Custom Field named Checklists.


To run synchronization please follow the next steps:

  1. Open Jira Settings → Apps.

  2. Navigate to Smart Checklist. Pro / Free Settings.

  3. Open the Global Settings tab.

  4. Click the Synchronize button in the Synchronize checklist storages section:

  5. You will see a notification about started synchronization. Wait several minutes before checking the results, as synchronization works in the background.


🔧 Cases that synchronization can fix:

1️⃣ Populate Smart Checklist Custom Fields:

You installed the Smart Checklist addon and used it for some months, but did not create the Smart Checklist Custom Fields. Later to set up automation, show checklist progress on Agile board, or make XML backup to perform and migrate checklists to Server - you created Custom Fields, but they are empty, so you cannot use them.

To copy proper Smart Checklist content in the custom fields - you can run synchronization. It will populate the custom fields for the tickets created before the Custom Field was added.

2️⃣ Populate Smart Checklist database:

You used an old version of the Smart Checklist add-on (before new database storage was introduced). Later when you open old Jira issues with Smart Checklist content - the addon is not visible by default - you need to click the “Smart Checklist add-on” icon to make it visible (which does not work for users with “Browser projects” permissions only).

To copy proper Smart Checklist content from the Custom Field in the Smart Checklist database - you can run synchronization.

3️⃣ Server/DC to Cloud migration with JCMA:

You can run synchronization to fix usernames in custom fields, search by the assignee, or restore data from duplicate Custom Field Checklists (migrated).

4️⃣ Export and import Jira Issues:

Run synchronization in order to export/import Jira Issues from .csv, .json, or .xml files (as this import type does not fill in issue properties and Smart Checklist database).


Hope everything works for you! 🙌🏻