Smart Checklist on a new Jira issue view

With the New Jira Issue View, Atlassian is redesigning the way add-ons are displayed with the issues. Here are some tips for you to easily find and use Smart Checklist add-on with your Jira Issues in the new view.

What Smart Checklist looks like on the new UI 

By default, Smart Checklist add-on will always appear in the glance view with your Jira issues. Opening an issue, you'll get Smart Checklist icon and the link to open it:

By enabling the setting "move checklist to center panel" in the add-on menu, you'll change the way the add-on is displayed with your issues. It'll be moved to the top and will appear as one of your available add-ons in the menu bar

Either like this (if you have multiple add-ons):

Or like this:

Possible Smart Checklist positions in different scenarios

  • On the view issue screen (dialog view), you will get the following glance-view of the add-on: 


  • On the view issue screen (sidebar view), Smart Checklist will look like this:

  • On the edit issue screen, it'll appear like this: 

There is a way to show checklists in a different way: from the glance view to the fully-expanded view. To have it changed, you would need to enable "show checklist in center panel" setting from the add-on menu:

Once enabled, you will get the following position of Smart Checklist:

  • On the dialog view issue screen:


  • On the sidebar view issue screen:

  • On the edit issue screen: 

To return back to the old view, select this option:

To be on track with ongoing changes of the new Jira issue view and know the very latest release plans - start watching the following article from Atlassian:

Video tutorial on how to get Smart Checklist fully expanded automatically with your issues on the right sidebar view on Kanbard Board: