Add new Jira Issues with checklists via Jira CSV import

To import checklist values from the CSV file - first, you need to properly set up the "Checklists" custom field on your Jira instance. Follow the steps in "Checklists" Custom Field carefully to do so.

The next steps describe an actual importing process.

  1. Prepare the CSV file.

    • Formatting should properly keep new lines

    • Download CSV Import Example.csv

  2. Navigate to the Jira issues list on your Jira instance and choose the "Import issues from CSV" (top-right menu) item

  3. Choose CSV source file and click Next

  4. Choose Project and other import settings. 

  5. Set fields mapping.

    1. Choose the "Summary" field for Summary. "Map field value" must be checked

    2. Choose the "Checklists" custom field.

    3. Don't Check "Map field value", otherwise the importer will break field formatting and the add-on will not be able to properly render checklist values.

  6. Do the last check before the import or Validate mapping

  7. Your data should be imported. Check success message from where you can navigate to the item's listing 

  8. And see imported issues

  9. Go to Issue View and check how Smart Checklist will render imported values