Import Issues with Checklists from CSV

Import Issues with the Smart Checklist content ⚡️

Requires Checklists Custom Field


  1. Prepare the CSV file with the checklist content:


  1. Navigate to the Jira issues list on your Jira project and choose the Import issues from CSV from the 3-dots menu:


  1. Choose CSV source file and click Next:


  2. Choose Project and other import settings and click Next:

  3. Set fields mapping:

CSV Field

Jira field

Map field value

CSV Field

Jira field

Map field value

Summary required



Custom field (Checklists)


do not check

…map other fields if needed

☝🏼 NOTE: Do NOT Check "Map field value" for the Checklists custom field, otherwise the importer will break field formatting and the add-on will not be able to properly render checklist values.


  1. Do the last check before the import or Validate mapping:


  1. Your data should be imported. Check success message from where you can navigate to the item's listing:


  1. And see imported issues 🎉


  1. Go to Issue View and check how Smart Checklist will render imported values

Hope everything works for you! 🚀