Checklists re-usage and sharing

Clone JIRA tickets with a checklist

  1. Create JIRA ticket
  2. Populate with Checklist that you want to re-use
  3. Save JIRA ticket. That will be your template
  4. Once you want to create new item with same checklists - simply clone Template task
  5. Checklists will be copied to new ticket

Populate checklist via API

  1. Use external storage for all templates that you want to use
  2. Run script that pushes checklist to new item

Use ScriptRunner add-on and JIRA behaviour

If you have ScriptRunner add-on installed on your JIRA instance  - set up it in the way, so when you change Issue Type - "Checklists" custom field's content automatically pre-populated to value you set up. E.g.: "definition of done", "acceptance criteria" and so on.

Copy from Email, Slack, Skype. Exchange and share checklists via all possible channels!

And that's one of the greatest benefits of Smart Checklist: it can be easily transferred and shared between teammates regardless of channel!

Copy/paste checklist from Email or Slack/Skype note or any other communication channel to your JIRA issue.

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