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You can prevent Jira issue from transition to the next state if not all Smart Checklist items are checked. That's done by validating "


Since version, v5.2.0 Smart Checklist add-on doesn’t need “Smart Checklist Progress



” field setup

If your Smart Checklist version is lower than v5.2.0 - you need Follow these instructionsto add the "Smart Checklist Progress" custom fieldas your first step.

Follow these instructions

Once the field is set up, , then proceed to the steps below.


  1. Go to Workflows

  2. Choose one that you want to add validation to and click Edit

  3. Choose transition and click on "Validators" link

  4. Add Validator

  5. Choose "All Smart Checklist items are checked offCompleted Validator"

  6. Click Add - new Validator will be saved

  7. Then Publish this changed workflow