"Smart Checklist Progress" Custom Field setup instructions


This page is only relevant for Smart Checklist add-on versions lower than v.5.0.0.

If you’re on v.5.0.0 or higher - custom fields are set up automatically.


Adding the "Smart Checklist Progress" field will let you

Setup Guide

  1. Go to "Custom Fields" 

  2. "Add Custom Field"

  3. Choose "Text Field (single line)"

  4. Name it "Smart Checklist Progress"  (mind the caps letters and exact words)

  5. Associate screens to the projects where you want to track progress and set up the validator

Screen names might differ from Project to Project. Usually, it's "...Default Issue Screen" or "...Edit/View Issue Screen"

Enabling the "Smart Checklist Progress" field may increase the number of email notifications sent by Jira

For any questions or feature requests contact us: smartchecklist@railsware.com