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Smart Checklist Exporter power-up

If you are about to migrate your projects from Trello to Jira - Smart Checklist Exporter power-up is the best way to bring your checklists with you!

Smart Checklist Exporter converts your Trello card checklists into the format supported by Smart Checklist add-on for Jira.

After that, you can easily import the data to Jira using the add-on’s full-screen editor. Feel free to use the Smart Checklist add-on for Jira to document DoD or Acceptance criteria, or create other ToDo lists to manage recurring business processes.


  • Export Trello Board with the checklists in CSV 

  • Export Trello Card with the checklists in TXT

How to Add Smart Checklist Exporter Power-Up 

Either click the button  and follow the instructions.

Or follow the next steps:

  1. Go to your Trello board Menu  and choose Power-Ups

  2. Find "Smart Checklist" in the Power-Ups listing

  3. Then click "Add" Button 

  4. Proper links will be added to Trello Board header and Trello Card

How to use Smart Checklist Exporter

  1. To get all checklists from your Trello board in Smart Checklist format - click on "Smart Checklist" button and then "CSV"

  2. CSV file will be downloaded to your computer and checklists fill be formatted properly

  3. Then either use bulk import into Jira from CSV  or copy & paste checklists right into your ticket

Some tips on importing checklists from a CSV file to Jira

  1. Make sure you have the "Checklists" custom field setup and enabled for the screens of the project you are migrating Trello cards to. In case you haven't set it up yet, please follow 

these instructions.

  1. While importing your CSV file to Jira, please make sure to

  • map Summary CSV field to Summary Jira field and check 'Map field value' 

  • map Checklists CSV field to Checklists Jira field, however, make sure to leave the 'Map field value' checkbox empty

These are the basic requirements for the checklists to get rendered successfully.

You can take a look at this article as well - here we have some detailed instructions on importing checklists via CSV to Jira.

See Smart Checklist Exporter Power-Up usage Video

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Get Started