Migrate checklists from Jira Cloud to Server/Data Center

This instruction describes how to migrate Checklists created by Smart Checklist addon from Jira Cloud to Jira Server/Data Center. I’s based on Atlassian recommended method o XML backup

More details on this:  https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver/migrating-from-jira-cloud-to-server-applications-938846963.html

There’s no needs to have “Checklists” and “Smart Checklist Progress” custom fields to be set on Cloud instance. Data would be pulled from Jira Issue Properties


  1. Prepare Backup on Jira Cloud. Go to System → “Import and Export” section → Backup manager → Backup for the server

  2. Restore Jira data from Backup on Jira Server. Go to System → “Import and Export” section → Restore System → Restore Jira from backup

  3. Then install "Smart Checklist for Jira" on the server, go to addon "Settings" -> "Global Settings" and Start Migration
    Note: Make sure you have Smart Checklist older than 5.3+ and above version installed.

  4. Once migration is completed - Smart checklist values would be successfully migrated from an Issue Property to a new Data Storage (Database) and custom fields would be synced as well!

  5. Check if the migration was successful in Issue Search view by adding “Smart Checklist” custom field

  6. That’s it!