Set-up Custom Permissions

Smart Checklist emulates global Jira permissions by default as follows:

  • Users with "Browse Projects" only permission will be able to browse issues and see Smart Checklist content in these issues. They will not be able to bring any changes to checklists though.

  • Users with "Edit Issue" permission will be able to modify checklists (mark items as done/undone; edit items content, add/delete items, etc.), import templates and save checklist as a template.

  • Users with "Administer Projects" permissions are able to create/modify templates and set them as default. You can grant proper permissions via Project Settings → People → Add People

If you cannot see custom Smart Checklist permissions in Project settings:

  • Edit permissions scheme page (for Company Managed projects)

  • Access page → Manage roles pop-up (for Team Managed projects)

  • Navigate to the Manage Apps page and Update Smart Checklist Addon version.

You can enable Custom Permissions to View Smart Checklist and Work with Smart Checklist.

To Enable Custom Permissions

  • Go to Settings → Apps → Smart Checklist → Settings → Permissions


  • Enable Custom Permissions by toggling these options:

    • Custom permissions to work with Smart Checklist

    • Custom permissions to “View Smart Checklist”


With these permissions enabled you will be able to:

Work with Smart Checklist
View Smart Checklist permissions
Work with Smart Checklist
View Smart Checklist permissions
Add Smart Checklist Items
Set status of Smart Checklist Items
Delete Smart Checklist Items
Manage Smart Checklist Items
View Smart Checklist

add Smart Checklist, checklist items, save a template, apply template

check/uncheck checklist items, set statuses

delete checklist and checklist items

add new checklist items, edit, delete, change order, and import templates

view Smart Checklist and Smart Checklist History

To Set up Custom Permissions

for Company-managed (Classic) projects:

  • Go to Project → Project Settings → Permissions → Actions → Edit permissions

  • Look for the Smart Checklist permissions set.

  • Grant proper permissions to users/roles/groups in your project

for Team-managed (Next Gen) projects:

  • Go to Project → Project Settings → Access → Manage Roles

  • On Manage Roles popup → Create Role

  • On Create Role popup → switch to App permissions

  • Find “Smart Checklist” actions

  • Give a name to the role (e.g.”Smart Checklist Creator”), select proper permissions


  • Assign the role to proper users or group and save it


☝🏼NOTE: Permissions granted to users to view/work with the checklist may remain active for up to an hour after they have been revoked.