Release Notes v6.7.1




Smart Checklist for Jira. Pro


  • new Mandatory items

  • new Smart Checklist Mandatory validator

  • IMPROVED The field for adding new items expands automatically for multiline text value

  • fixed Customer portal: Smart Checklist is shown if it was disabled per project


Mandatory items

Starting from version 6.7.0 functionality for making items mandatory/non-mandatory is available.

By default, checklist items are not marked as mandatory. To make items mandatory, you can use the following:

  • context menu of checklist items in UI;

  • full-screen editor;

  • correct formatting (adding "!" after the status) when adding an item from quick mode or updating the Checklists custom field. For example:

    • -! Todo mandatory item

    • ~! In progress mandatory item

    • x! Skipped mandatory item

    • +! Done mandatory item

    • -! [Custom status] mandatory item

If you want to make any of the checklist items Mandatory and find more details about the feature, follow the steps described in the following article

Smart Checklist Mandatory validator

In addition to the “Mandatory items” feature, users can configure the “Smart Checklist Mandatory validator”. It will prevent the Jira issue from transitioning to the next state if some of the items that were marked as Mandatory were not checked/completed. This is achieved by adding a corresponding validator to your workflow transition.

Read more about feature setup and possibilities in