Release Notes v6.8.4




Smart Checklist for Jira. Pro


  • new Job that restores checklist data from Jira history


Job that restores checklist data from Jira history

You can easily restore checklist data for the issues where it may have been lost or cleared.

With the migration REST API endpoint (/rest/railsware/1.0/migration), you can now utilize the new migrationType - RESTORE_FROM_HISTORY. This feature enables you to restore checklist data for a specified time under the issues where the checklist is empty.

Furthermore, we implemented a DRY RUN mode which lets you validate the list of issues you intend to update before initiating any type of migration - whether it's storage, import from another app, or restoring checklist data.

For detailed instructions on running a migration with the migrationType - RESTORE_FROM_HISTORY, check out our documentation →