Release Notes v3.7.3

Show checklist progress on Agile Board and validate checklist completion while Jira issue transition.

Set up "Smart Checklist Progress" custom field which you can use for

  • Progress tracking on Agile Cards. Read more..

  • Add transition Validation. Read more..

  • Search for issues with opened checklists (not all checklist items completed). Read more..

    • Type in JQL: “Smart Checklist Progress" ~ "-Done"

  • Search for issues with ALL completed checklists. Read more..

    • Type in JQL: “Smart Checklist Progress" ~ "Done"

Added Search to the Full Screen Editor

Using Cmd+F you can call Search bar and easily find any value in long checklists

Added Warning on multiple custom fields

It may happen that another  admin adds another "Checklists" custom field by mistake, even when duplicated field already exists. It may lead to bad consequence as Smart Checklist add-no may use a new field as storage and will not get proper values from old one. Following warning message will notify the user about the wrong configuration. Read more..

Public backlog for issues tracking & voting

Good news! Now we have a Public Backlog where you can add issues, discuss and vote for improvements!

Here's a link:

You can submit your issue as Anonymous. However, it's always better for us to identify you and provide more directed support.

We are glad to hear your feedback!

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