Progress on Agile Board

You can show progress on Smart Checklist items completion right on the Agile board's
issue card 🚀

Not available in next-gen projects. Please see the details here.

Use Smart Checklist progress to the fullest → ⚡️


"Smart Checklist Progress" Custom Field set up:

Set up Agile board card view:

  1. Go to Board Settings.


  2. Navigate to Card Layout → Add "Smart Checklist Progress" field:

3. Go Back to the Board and see how checklist progress is displayed now. The number of completed checklist items versus the total is shown, e.g. 1/52 or 10/10 - Done

NOTE: Enabling the "Smart Checklist Progress" field may increase the number of email notifications sent by Jira 🙃


Hope everything works for you! 🚀