Control Position of Checklist Rendering

You are free to choose where you would like the Smart Checklist add-on to be rendered on the JIRA issue view.

The default position is the Right Panel. To change it - navigate to the Checklist menu and choose Show checklist in center panel:

Here's how it will look on a New Issue View.

  1. Navigate to an issue and open add-on section on a right sidebar

  2. Choose "Show checklist in center panel"

  3. Reload the page and see Smart Checklist in a new position

If you want to move it back to the Right, choose the corresponding Show checklist in right panel option in the add-on menu.

Please note, the add-on position property is saved per user.  It is your personal preference rather than the global change and does not affect other users' settings.

Video tutorial on how to get Smart Checklist fully expanded automatically with your issues on the right sidebar view on Kanbard Board: