Progress on Agile Board

You can show progress on Smart Checklist items completion right on the Agile board's issue card.

First of all, you need to create "Smart Checklist Progress" custom field (make sure you don't have this field on your Jira instance yet).

Create "Smart Checklist Progress" custom field 

  1. Go to "Custom Fields" 
  2. "Add Custom Field"
  3. Choose "Text Field (single line)"
  4. Name it "Smart Checklist Progress"  (mind the caps letters and exact words)
  5. Associate screens to the projects where you want to track progress and setup validator
    1. Screen names might differ from Project to Project. Usually, it's "...Default Issue Screen" or "...Edit/View Issue Screen"

Set up Agile board card view

  1. Go to Board Settings 


2. Change Card Layout. Add "Smart Checklist Progress" field

3. Go Back to board and see how checklist progress is displayed now. The number of completed checklist items versus total is shown, e.g. 1/52 or 10/10 - Done

If you want to Validate Checklist before transition - read the following instructions.