Custom Fields

Smart Checklist add-on works with a few custom fields providing extended functionality to your Jira instance.

Custom Field name


Custom Field name



Type: Text Field (multi-line)

Stores checklists data in RAW text format. Example:

1 2 3 4 5 # header - todo + done ~ in progress x skip

Used mostly for Automation purposed. Setting/Reading checklists via REST API requests and 3rd party tools. Importing/Exporting checklist data. Required for Server → Cloud Jira migration

Limited to 32,767 characters.

“Smart Checklist Progress”

Type: Text Field (single line)

Stores value of checklists progress. Example: “5/7”

Used for showing checklist progress in Agile boards and validating checklist completion in transition. Optional for Server → Cloud Jira migration

“Smart Checklist”

Type: Smart Checklist Custom Field

Used for advanced JQL Search Functions and for display checklist in Confluence or Jira Dashboard.

All custom fields added automatically to Jira instance upon Smart Checklist add-on installation since version 5.0.0.

If you’re on a lower version - custom fields must be set up manually.

Follow “Checklists“ custom field setup instructions.

Follow “Smart Checklist Progress“ custom field setup instructions.

Features enabled with Custom fields


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