Next-Gen Project Specifics

Atlassian has launched the ability to re-use the global custom fields in the next-gen (Team-managed) projects. Now you could add the custom fields to your next-gen project and use the full capability of the Smart Checklist 🎉

Here’s how Atlassian describes it:

Team-managed projects, as its name suggests, empowers teams to configure their own projects to suit how they work. With this new feature, project admins now have the ability to re-use custom fields that are provided and managed by their Jira admins, saving them time to keep field configuration in sync across projects.

Furthermore, downstream applications, like Automation or other reporting processes will no longer require additional data cleansing or logic to merge duplicate fields across projects.


What has changed?

Now, you could add “Checklist“ and “Smart Checklist“ custom fields to the team-managed projects.

With a set up of “Checklist“ custom field you could:

What’s missing?