Context configuration for the custom fields

This information can help to find the reason for the issue related to the custom fields

If there is any problem with updating values for the custom fields or any issue with the functionality that is required for custom fields setup, the first thing to do is verify the context for the custom fields.

To check a context for a custom field follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings  > Issues > Custom fields.

  2. Find Checklists/Smart Checklist Progress custom fields.

  3. Click on 1 context for these fields.


☝🏼Make sure that:

  • The custom fields have a global context and the message “This field will be available on issues of any type in all projects”.

  • Both custom fields “Checklists” and “Smart Checklist Progress” have similar context configurations.

To change the context for the custom field click on Create, edit or delete contexts > Edit context where you can configure Issue types and projects to be applied:


By selecting specific Issue types and only particular Projects you might have an issue later with synchronizing checklist data if you decide to change configuration, add custom fields to new projects, etc.