"Checklists" Custom Field set up

How you may benefit from of the Smart Checklist Custom Fileds → 🚀

Jira permissions needed: grant users Jira administrators global permissions to setup custom fields

Purpose 🎯

Adding the "Checklists" custom field will let you:

Setup Guide

Follow this guide if you want to set up custom fields for the next-get project


  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission

  2. Choose the Settings icon   at the top right of the screen, then choose Issues. Select Fields Custom Fields to open the 'Custom Fields' page. HINT: Keyboard shortcutg + g + start typing custom fields

  3. Click the Create custom field button

  4. Select the Paragraph (supports rich text) type (previously Text, Multi-Line type).


  5. Click the Next button to open the Configure ‘Paragraph (supports rich text)’ Field page

  6. Set name to "Checklists". Make sure the name starts with the capital "C" and ends with the lowercase "s"

  7. Click the Create button to open the Associate field to screens page

  8. You will receive an "Associate field Checklists to screens" dialog

    1. if you happen to skip this step or want to get back to Jira Screens set up a bit later - click Update button and follow the steps from the section Setting up Checklist Jira Screens later (after adding the field)


  9. Associate all the right screens where you want to see the default Jira Checklist multi-line text editor 

    1. if you are new to the Jira Screens setup and just want to start using Checklist → just select all to be sure

    2. if you have just one Jira Screens for all your actions → just select that one screen

    3. if you have an advanced Jira Screens setup → select screens where you want to see Checklist

  10. Click Update

  11. Enjoy your Smart Checklist! 🚀

Setting up Checklist Jira Screens later (after adding the field)

  1. Go to Custom Fields. See steps (1) and (2) above

  2. Find the "Checklists" field. Click on 3 dots and select “Associate to Screens

  3. Proceed with steps (9) and (10)

How to setup "Checklists" custom field video

How to hide "Checklists" field from the View Screen video