Create Event

Create your first event. Step by Step guide

  1. Open
  2. Sign-in using Google authorization
    1. If you are interested in other autorization type or if it's critical to get a Email based signup - write to
  3. Get to Landing Page
  4. Click "Create New event"
    1. Set Event name
  5. Choose Documents storage
    1. Set Storage Type
      1. "Google Drive" or "Confluence"
        1. That's the place where all your notification documents will be  created and stored
        2. Notemate will automatically maintain storage structure
        3. If this step is not properly set-up you'll not be able to move forward
      2. If "Google Drive" chosen
        1. Then you'll need to choose a GDrive Folder, where whole notes structure will be stored
      3. If "Confluence" selected- choose connection you want to use
      4. If no confluence connection created yet, then you'll be opted to create one:
    2. Assume that the GDrive should be used as main storage
    3. Set Google Drive Folder
      1. Click "Select Folder"
    4. Set Folder structure
      1. NoteMate will use these settings to organize auto-created notes properly. With every new Month/Year - appropriate folder will be created.
      2. Set Notes Root Folder
      3. You can change the Root Folder and Document Name, in that way documents of specific events will get proper structure,
        1. e.g. if you decide to have own structure for Standups, Retrospectives, Iteration Planning - you need to indicate these root folders on your Folders Structure
    5. Set Document Name
      1. So you can easily differentiate and find notes later on.
    6. Make sure form Preview that the structure and the naming is ok, then move to next step
  6. Choose Templates
    1. On this step you can setup proper document structure to let your team add proper information to proper place.
    2. See how to set specific format for Confluence or GDrive in the Templates article.
  7. Set Notification channel
    1. You need to connect your organization's Slack and choose a channel where notification about created notes to be posted
    2. Notemate support custom text or Slack Emoji to add more fun to your team's collaboration
  8. Set Recurrence
    1. On this latest step you to set up Note creation recurrence
  9. Once your Event saved - New notes will be created starting from indicated date, following by recurrence schedule
  10. That's it! Now enjoy Automatic, structured notes document creation and proper Slack channel notification (smile)

For any questions or feature requests contact us: