Workflows: Validate Checklist before Issue Transition

You can prevent the Jira issue from transition to the next state if not all Smart Checklist items are checked. That's done by validating the Smart checklist progress Custom Field ⚡️

Requires Smart Checklist Progress Custom Field

☝🏼 NOTE: Not available in Next-Gen projects. Workflow customization isn't available yet for Next-Gen projects. As of now, it is on the longer-term roadmap of the Atlassian team. Therefore, transition validators are not available either.


Set up Validator

  1. Go to Project Settings → Workflows

  2. Choose the Workflow you want to add validation to and click Edit:


  3. Add Validator

    3.1. Choose transition and click on the Validators link:

    3.2. Add Validator:

3.3. Choose Regular Expression Check and click Add:


3.4. Choose "Smart Checklist Progress" field and set Regular Expression value to:

Regular Expression 👉🏻


3.5. Click Add -  a new Validator will be saved: 


4. Then Publish this changed workflow:


Check Validator in action

  1. Go to your project Board.

  2. Try to change the state of an item with opened checklist items.

  3. You'll get the error:


  4. If you check all Smart Checklist items - you'll be able to transition the Jira issue successfully:


Hope everything works for you! 🚀