ScriptRunner for Jira

Update checklists using automated scripts⚡️

ScriptRunner for Jira is an all-in-one admin app. Automate DevOps workflows, actions with Built-in Scripts, improve the development workflow with Hooks. Automate the behaviour of the Smart Checklist as well.

Requires Checklists Custom Field

☝🏼 NOTE: Since we use Issue Properties as primary memory storage for checklists, it's required to update Issue Property to have checklists updated with any type of automation. Updating the "Checklists" Custom Field won't bring the desired result.

📍Use Case: Set Checklist depending on Custom Field Value after Issue Creation

If you want the specific Checklist appended to your newly created ticket depending on the other Custom field value - you can easily do it by adding Script Runner Post Function to your Create Ticket workflow transition.

You are free to choose any other fields and define your own Custom Value. In this case we will append Checklist Items to the Smart Checklist based on Environment field value 🙌🏻

Assume that you have a custom field Environment with 2 values: Production/Staging. So you expect that while adding a new Issue - you'll have a proper checklist assigned.


Implementation flow:

  1. Go to Project Settings → Workflows

  2. Choose the Workflow you want to add a post function to and click Edit:

  3. Add a Post Function

3.1. Choose transition and click on the Post Functions link:


3.2. Add Post Function:

3.3. Choose ScriptRunner Post-Function (Runs a script in a post-function, or a built-in script) and click Add:

3.4. Choose Run Script (Run arbitrary code on transition):

3.5. Add a Script Code:

//package def issueKey = issue.key def newSummary = 'Updated by a script' def cfName = 'Environment' //get custom field of "seelct" type def customFields = get('/rest/api/2/field') .asObject(List) .body .findAll { (it as Map).custom } as List<Map> def cfEnvironmentId = customFields.find { == cfName }?.id def cfEnvironment = issue.fields[cfEnvironmentId] //get custom field def environment = cfEnvironment['value'] as String def propertyKey = 'com.railsware.SmartChecklist.checklist' def propertyValue //compare field values if (environment == 'Production') { propertyValue = '"- ToDo List\\n+ Checked\\nx Skipped\\n~ In Progress\\n# Another ToDo List\\n- Unchecked\\n> Quote line 1\\n> Quote line 2\\n> Quote line 3\\n"' }else if (environment == 'Staging') { propertyValue = '"- Uno\\n+ Dos\\nx Tres\\n~ Quatro\\n"' }'property' + environment) def result = put('/rest/api/2/issue/' + issueKey + '/properties/' + propertyKey) .header('Content-Type', 'application/json') .body(propertyValue) .asString() if (result.status == 204) { return 'Success' } else { return "${result.status}: ${result.body}" }

3.6. Check added post function and Publish Draft:

You're done! Now every time the Issue will be transitioned to to do, based on the Environment field value the proper Checklist items will be added to your Smart Checklist 🎉