Xporter Cloud

Export all the information available on the Smart Checklist⚡️

Xporter - Export issues from Jira allows you to export information to PDF, Excel, Word and 10+ other formats. Add a custom template for the Smart Checklist and export all the information you need. Reed more here → https://confluence.getxray.app/display/XPORTERCLOUD/Smart+Checklist


  1. Download the Xporter template for the Smart Checklist here → https://confluence.getxray.app/display/XPORTERCLOUD/Smart+Checklist?preview=/46890874/52822822/Smart%20Checklist.docx or create your own one.

  2. Go to Settings → Xporter → Templates → Add a previously downloaded template:

  1. Navigate to Issue you want to export Smart Checklist data from → 3-dots menu → Xporter → choose your previously added template and output format → click Export:

  1. Download your report:


Hope everything works for you! 🚀