Deep Clone for Jira

Clone Issues with your checklists easily with the Deep Clone add-on ⚡️

Deep Clone for Jira is a solution for cloning single issues, a bulk of issues, epics, or template projects in Jira. You can clone comments, subtasks, and more content. You can easily clone your checklists with the Deep Clone add-on as well.


  1. Go the Issue you want to clone → 3-dots menu → Deep Clone

  2. The dialog with the cloning setup will appear

  3. Make sure to select the following options under Advanced options in order to clone a checklist:

    • Clone other editable fields (not shown in “Create issue“ screen) checked

    • Clone issue properties (usually used by apps) checked

  1. Click Start Clone


When cloning Jira Issues - your checklist data would be cloned along with the custom field 🎉