Help us troubleshoot your case


Here we’ve gathered the information our team needs in most cases to troubleshoot the issues with Smart Checklist⚙️

Useful information to troubleshoot your case – please provide:

  • instance URL, SEN license number;

  • Smart Checklist version;

  • screenshots and/or screen recordings of the checklist behavior that you think is not valid.

Additionally, we can ask you to provide:

Browser Console Log file

  • Open Browser Console Log and make a screenshot of errors

    1. In your Chrome browser, click and then More tools > Developer tools

    2. Click the Console tab.

    3. Refresh the page with Jira Issue and checklist opened

    4. to check for any errors in the console and send them to us as screenshots or screencasts

  • Generate.HAR file following these instructions from Atlassian.

Migration logs

  • Location: /JIRA_HOME/log/smart-checklist-migration.log

  • Or it can be downloaded via the link: /plugins/servlet/railsware/migrationlog

*in case of any issues with JCMA migration from DC/Server to Cloud

Troubleshooting the “Unauthorized” error


If you encounter the "Unauthorized" error, you can try the following steps:

  1. Execute the commands below (or simply open the provided links in your browser):

  1. Share the results of these commands with the support team.

Try out a solution below

In most cases, the “Unauthorized” error is caused by network settings on the customer/Jira user side. To resolve this, try adding the following resources to the whitelist in your VPN/Firewall settings:

  1. Allow and all subdomains (*. );

  • Subdomains are needed if you switch between Free and Pro versions.

  1. Allow


💡HINT: Please, check if you can find the solution to your case here →