Add Checklist based on an Issue Field Value on Issue Creation

Add Smart Checklist Templates to your Issue based on Filed Value right after the Issue is created⚡️


  1. Go to Project Settings → Automation → click Create rule:

  1. Create a trigger

2.1. Choose Issue created

2.2. Save trigger


  1. Add your Custom Value

3.1. Add component: Add a condition

3.2. Add a condition: Issue fields condition


3.3. Select the needed Issue Field

3.4. Choose the condition equals (in any order)

3.5. Add the value of your Custom Field

In this case, we will add a Checklist if the Issue contains a testing component.
You are free to choose a Custom Field value based on your needs 🙌🏻

3.6. Save Condition


  1. Add a Checklist or Template

4.1. Add component: Add an action

4.2. Choose Set entity property

4.3. Fill in the fields with the following values:

Entity type


Property Key


Property Value


Add Checklist items in Markdown formatting 👉🏻

# Regression Testing - Identify test cases - Execute the test cases - Record the results - Document any defects found

Add the template to the Smart Checklist 👉🏻

💡HINT: Read more about templates automation here →

4.4. Save Action


  1. Name your new Automation and Turn it on


You're done! Now every time an Issue with a defined Custom Field value is created - a proper Checklist or Template will be added 🎉