Set up Custom Fields for the Next-gen Project

Adding the custom fields will let you use some of the advanced features offered by Smart Checklist. Please, visit this page to get more details on the available features.

Setup Guide

  1. Follow the guide and to set up the global custom fields

☝🏼NOTE: Make sure that the added custom fields has a global context. To add global context to your custom fields, follow the official Atlassian guide .

To check, add, or edit a global context: Go to Settings  > Issues > Custom fields, and select Contexts for the field.

You can set a global context by going to Create, edit or delete contexts > Edit context > Select the radio button for Global context.

2. When the global custom fields are set up, let configure them for your specific Team-managed project.

Go to Project Settings > Issue Types > Fields (right panel) > Suggested fields.

Find “Checklist“ and “Smart Checklist Progress“ custom fields and drag them to the Description fields

Press “Save Changes“ button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Enjoy the custom fields in your next-gen project 🚀

Now, with a set up of “Checklist“ custom field you coud:

With a set up of “Smart Checklist“ custom field you coud: