Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) - Cloud

You can add, change, append values of Smart Checklist content using Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) add-on.

Smart Checklist can be tightly integrated and expanded with JMWE tools (read add-on documentation)

Use Case: Append Smart Checklist items while transitioning Jira issue

  1. Edit project Workflow
  2. Add Post-Function to the transition you want. E.g. "In QA"
  3. Choose proper post Function type
    1. Jira (warning) Cloud: "Set Entity Property value (JMWE add-on)" 
  4. Set Property Name to update to:  

  5. If you want to keep/use current values of checklist - add to the beginning of editor: 

  6. Add the values of checklist items that you'd like to add to the existing checklist. Use Formatting Guide
  7. Save Post Function by clicking "Add"
  8. Check added post function and Publish Draft
  9. Then when you will try to move a Jira Issue from any states to "In QA" (in our case) - you'll get a new piece of Smart Checklist checklist and new items added
  10. Enjoy!