Release Notes v4.3.0


With this release we add couple of improvements for daily usage of Smart Checklist add-on and fix critical bug on rendering checklist inside Structure add-on for Jira Server instances.


  • (tick) Fixed: Importing NULL of extra empty string on importing template action.
  • (tick) Fixed: Fix add-on is not loaded under Structure Add-on. Jira Server.
  • (plus) Added: Ability to add headers in "Quick add" form using #, ##, ### symbols
  • (plus) Added: Preserve state of "Hide completed" filter
  • (plus) Added: Do not clear quick add input box on focus out from it

Add-on uses different versioning through various editions. Use it for support reference:

Enterprise Server4.3.0
Enterprise Cloud2.4.47-AC
Trial Cloud2.1.60-AC

For any questions or feature requests contact us: