JQL Search Checklists

Smart Checklist supports JQL as an approach for searching checklist values and checklist progress. Switch to Advanced Search and use the approaches described below.

For Version 5.0.0 and higher

Since version 5.0.0 Smart Checklist for Jira Server and Data Center provides the possibility to examine a more precise JQL search, like search by status or by checklist item, using custom JQL functions.

JQL function

Usage Example

JQL function

Usage Example


Search for issues where ALL checklist items are Closed

"Smart Checklist" = allItemsClosed()


Search for issues where ALL checklist items are Open

"Smart Checklist" = allItemsOpen()


Search for checklists by Progress

"Smart Checklist" = progress(">","15")

Available operators: >, <, >=, <=, =

Use percent value from 0 to 100

itemStatus(item name, status)

Search for particular checklist items in a particular status

"Smart Checklist" = itemStatus("PR review completed", "DONE")

Search for particular checklist items in a particular statuses

"Smart Checklist" = itemStatus("PR review completed", "DONE, IN PROGRESS")

Search for checklists that contain particular checklist item

"Smart Checklist" = itemStatus("PR review completed", "*")


Search for Assignee(s) mentioned in checklist item

  • example: "Smart Checklist" = itemAssignee("john","john.smith","@john")

Allowed parameters

  • username - as defined in Jira User’s profile, e.g. “john”

  • display name - Full name from User’s profike, e.g “john.smith”

  • mention - any string in checklist item that has “@” as prefix, like: @john

  • currentUser() - currently logged user. You can use it to create a shared filter with a JQL function that users of your instance could benefit of.



Search for fixed Date, indicated in checklist item

  • example "Smart Checklist" = itemDate("2020-01-01")

Allowed formats

  • yyyy-mm-dd

The “itemDate” function accepts dates entered in ISO format only


Search by Relative Date

  • example "Smart Checklist" <= itemDate("0d")

    • read: item has date set (due date) for tomorrow

Allowed parameters: [n]d, [n]w, -[n]d, [-n]w

  • ItemDate("0d") - today

  • ItemDate("1d") - tomorrow

  • ItemDate("-1d") - yesterday

  • ItemDate("1w") - 1 week since now

  • ItemDate("2w 4d") - 2 weeks and 4 days since now

  • ItemDate("-3w 2d") - 3 weeks and 2 days ago

Search for date in between of time range:

"Smart Checklist" >= itemDate("0d") AND "Smart Checklist" < itemDate("2w")

read: shearch for the checklist item that has date set between today and 2 week ahead

For versions 4.16.0 and below

To use this functionality you need to set-up "Checklists" custom field, or "Smart Checklist Progress". It depends on what main criteria you'd like to search for.

Smart Checklist supports JQL as an approach for searching checklist items values and checklist progress.

If you set up "Checklists" (multi-line text field) and "Smart Checklist Progress" (single-line text field) which are both custom fields - you can easily apply all JQL search patterns.

Search examples

JQL Search

Usage Examples

JQL Search

Usage Examples

"Smart Checklist Progress" ~ "-Done"

To search for issues with opened checklists (not all checklist items completed).


"Smart Checklist Progress" ~ "Done"

To search for issues with ALL completed checklists

"Checklists" is not EMPTY

To search for all issues that contain checklists on your instance:


"Checklists" ~ "your item value"

To search for checklists containing specific items

Searching for Jira issues where a specific checklist item has completed/ incompleted status is unavailable in versions below the 5.0.0. This happens due to the following limitation: Jira does not index the special character of - and + 

Special characters + - & | ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ ~ * ? \ : Special characters aren't stored in the index, which means you can't search for them. The index only keeps text and numbers, so searching for "\\[Jira Software\\]" and "Jira Software" will have the same effect - escaped special characters ([]) will be ignored in the search.

Source: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftwareserver0712/search-syntax-for-text-fields-959315338.html

For any questions or feature requests contact us: smartchecklist@railsware.com