Permissions & Access

As of this moment, there’s no way to configure the permissions scheme for Smart Checklist add-on directly. The add-on emulates all the permissions configured in your Jira Permission Scheme with your projects.

We are planning to introduce the separate permissions scheme for Smart Checklist in the nearest future.

Currently, permission patterns for Smart Checklist are the following:

  • Users with "Browse Projects" Only permission will be able to browse issues and see Smart Checklist content in these issues. They will not be able to bring any changes to checklists though.

  • Users with "Edit Issue" permission will be able to modify checklists (mark items as done/undone; edit items content, add/ delete items, etc.)

  • Users with "Administer Projects" permissions are able to create/modify templates and set them as default.

Access for Anonymous users

There might be cases when Jira Project and Smart Checklist need to be accessed by Anonymous users.

Anonymous Access

This part of the instructions is applicable to Smart Checklist v4.16 and below.

All users of Smart Checklist version 5.0.0. and higher have to be logged in to see the checklist content.

Let us know if you want to have wider access for your Anonymous users:

  1. Follow the basic instruction on how to provide anonymous access to a Jira project:

  2. If you want anonymous users to edit issues and checklists, grant “Anyone” Group permission to "Edit Issue".


For any questions or feature requests contact us: