Validate Mandatory Items Completion before Transition

Prevent the Jira issue from transitioning to the next state if any mandatory checklist items remain unchecked/uncompleted 🚀

Jira permissions needed: grant users Jira administrators global permissions to setup validator of mandatory items completion before transition


You can prevent the Jira issue from transitioning to the next state if some mandatory checklist items remain unchecked/uncompleted.

Here is an example of default and custom statuses created on the Cloud instance:



Statuses for



Statuses for


You can do this by adding a corresponding validator to your workflow transition.

Set up a transition validator:

  1. Go to Project Settings → “Workflows".

  2. Choose the workflow that you want to add validation to and click Edit.

  3. Choose transition and click on the "Validators" link:



  4. Add Validator:


  5. Choose "Smart Checklist Mandatory Validator":


  6. Click Add -  the new Validator will be saved: 

  7. Publish the changed workflow:

Check Validator in action:

  1. Open the issue where you want to change the status.

  2. Add Smart Checklist mandatory items to the issue. Follow the steps from to do it.

  3. Try to change the state of an issue with open mandatory checklist items (any items in status Todo, In progress, and any other not checked custom status) to Done (or any other issue status for which you add the validator).

  4. You'll get the Transition failed error:

  5. If you complete all Smart Checklist mandatory items - you'll be able to transition the Jira issue successfully.

  6. Enjoy 🚀