Release Notes v1.2

What's New?

  • Improved UX
    • Event creation simplified. Required data minimized
    • More logical and user friendly 4 steps wizard
    • Zero states to start users with an app quickly
  • Improved Error reporting
    • Notification sent to Slack channel if document was not created
  • New Landing Page
    • To describe app benefits to target audience
    • To briefly explain usage process
  • Improve documentation
  • Improve codebase and further support

Improved UX

  • Event Name introduced
    • easier to recognize event goal on the list
  • Folder Structure simplified
    • Was: root+year+month+day
    • Now: Root Folder+Document Name
    • with year and month filled by the app
  • Create GDrive/Slack connection w/o breaking the flow
  • Improved Recurrence look and overall design

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Improved Error reporting



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New Landing Page

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