Template History


Find the issues that were created from a template on the History page.

You can find the list of issues that were created from a template in the History tab. The issues that were created automatically via the Scheduler will be shown here as well. The tab is available when you open any of your templates for editing.


Columns and their values on the History tab are as follows:

  1. Issue: Displays the Issue Key, Issue Summary, and the status of the Parent Issue.

  2. Date: Shows when the Issue(s) was created.

  3. Assignee and Reporter: Displays the current values from the Assignee and Reporter fields in the issue.

  4. Log status: Shows whether the template was applied successfully (Success) , or something went wrong (failed). Click the “Show errors” link to see more details.

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 18.21.29-20240517-162159.png

☝🏼NOTE: The Issue, Assignee and Reporter columns are showing current values of the corresponding Issue fields.