Use variables to manage dynamic values in your templates 🚀


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Create variables on the template page

☝🏼NOTE: For now we support only TEXT variables. You can use them in summary, description and other text fields. More variables types are coming soon!

  1. Navigate to your project sidebar → Apps → Smart Templates → click on 3-dots menu for the Template you want to add variables to.

  2. Go to the “Variables“ tab → hit “Add variable“ button.

  1. Enter a variable name into the “Variable Name“ field without spaces or any other special characters.

  2. Click the “Add variable“ button at the to right corner to add more variables.

  1. Save changes if needed or move to the “Issues” tab to add variable(s) to your template.

Add variables to the template

  1. Go to the “Issues“ tab of a template with variables created.

  2. Add a variable name to the issue summary, description or any other text field using the following syntax “{{MyVariable}}“.

☝🏼NOTE: It is important to use exactly the same variable name as you have on the “Variables” tab. Put the variable name between the double curly brackets.
Keep in mind, the variable name is case-sensitive, so {{MyVariable}} and {{myvariable}} are different variables.

  1. Don’t forget to save the template after all the changes 😉

Create issues from the template with variables

  1. Navigate to the list of Templates.

  2. Hit the “Create issues“ button for a template with variables.

  3. You will get the a modal window where you can enter values to your variables.

  1. Enter desired value for each variable → click the “Confirm“ button.

  2. Check new issues have been created with the correct values for each variable.