Add a Checklist to a Jira Issue Created on Schedule

Create Jira Issue with Checklists automatically based on the custom Schedule ⚡️

Requires Checklists Custom Field


  1. Go to Project Settings → Automation → click Create rule

  1. Create a trigger

2.1. Choose Scheduled 

2.2. Set the schedule you need

2.3. Save trigger


  1. Add a Checklist

3.1. Add component: Add an action

3.2. Choose Create issue

3.3. Select Project where to create the Issue, Summary, and add Checklists custom field from Choose fields to set. Don’t forget to add Checklist Items using checklist Markup formatting or Checklist Template

💡HINT: Read more about templates automation here →

3.4. Save action


  1. Name your new Automation and Turn it on


You're done! Now new Issue with Checklist will be created automatically based on your schedule 🎉