Custom Field vs Issue Properties

Since v 3.9.5 Smart Checklist add-on stores checklist content in Jira Issue Properties.

With this change, we intended to drastically simplify add-on set-up and first user experience.

Using the "Checklists" custom field is still possible and supported as it gives additional and valuable benefits to checklist users.

Look at the comparison chart of what features are supported within different storage models below.

Features support per Smart Checklist add-on storage type


Issue Properties

Custom Field


As you see, the main checklist functionality is supported with Issue Properties and right after add-on installation on the Jira instance.

However, to access checklist content via API or from 3rd party tools - you need to set up the "Checklists" custom field. Just follow the instructions below.

How to set up "Checklists" custom field to store Smart Checklist add-on values by default.

Understanding of Issue Property and "Checklists" custom field synchronization

Add-on uses "Issue Property" as first priority storage and then syncs it with the "Checklists" custom field.

It means that ​If you just create an issue and push values to the "Checklists" field - it will be loaded by the add-on.
But if you then try to edit the "Checklists" field - the add-on will take the latest values from the Issue property and overwrite the custom field's values.

​We have plans on providing more control to administrators over that synchronization mechanism and which storage to use as the 1st priority storage.