Clone checklists by cloning Jira Issue

Clone a Jira issue, and see Smart Checklist content transferred over to your cloned issue.

To use this functionality you need to set up the "Checklists" custom field first.

Follow these instructions to do so.

Use Case:

If you want to use one Jira issue as a template - you can clone it together with your checklist and reuse it further.

  1. Create a JIRA ticket.

  2. Populate it with a checklist that you want to re-use.

  3. Save the JIRA ticket. That will be your template.

  4. Once you want to create a new issue with the same checklist - simply clone the template ticket.

  5. Checklists will be copied to the new ticket.


If the Clone didn’t work - please make sure the “Checklists” custom field is set to Global context. Apply to all issues in Jira in a custom field configuration.

  1. Go to SystemIssuesCustom Fields

  2. Choose “Checklists” field

  3. Click Configurations

  4. Click Edit Configuration

  5. See “Choose applicable context” → choose “Global context. Apply to all issues in Jira.”

  6. Click Modify

NOTE: click “modify even if you have “Global context selected”. To make sure it’s properly applied after the custom field was added automatically.